NYCC 2019 – The Travel Channel Debuts Ghost Nation

by Koom Kankesan

Robert Frost wrote that the woods are lovely, dark, and deep and this somehow sums up America’s fascination with the paranormal. The Travel Channel will debut a new show called Ghost Nation on Friday night featuring a team of investigators they claim are the originals who kickstarted this industry: Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves, and Dave Tango.
I went into this panel expecting these masculine dudes to totally push the idea that ghosts are real – after all, their livelihoods depend on that very notion. Instead, they were skeptics who stated that more than 80% of cases of the paranormal can be disproven. They see these cases as opportunities for research and investigation. For them, it’s about finding the truth, whatever that truth might be. They said that, for example, if a family believed that a previous resident had killed himself in their house, the family would be very agitated. Researching and discovering that a death had not indeed occurred would provide a great measure of relief and thus leave the family in a much better place. I found this attitude quite sweet.

The first episode will focus on a nanny cam video that went viral. It features footage of a baby in its cot during the night when suddenly some sort of vague smoky thing seems to move across the room. The guys said that they were NOT able to disprove this one though they investigated it hard.

The supernatural and spooky stories have always been a delicious part of human society and culture. Though technology advances, this fondness for mystery and uncertainty in the non-solidity of things only increases. Technology gives us new ways of interacting with these supposed phenomena, not disproving them. The guys, though skeptical, say that if supernatural things do exist, they should be revered and investigated, not feared.

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