NYCC 2019: The Dragon Prince Season 3 Premiere Date & First Episode

by Gary Catig

The hit anime, The Dragon Prince, held a panel late Sunday morning in front of a packed house at New York Comic Con. In attendance were creators Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond, and senior writer Neil Mukhopadhyay. The very first reveal was the show’s third season will premiere next month on November 22.

Fortunately for fans at the panel, they didn’t have to wait until then to view the first episode. The third book is entitled Sun and the first episode is entitled Sol Regen. It begins with a flashback to when the human/dragon feud began. The King of Dragons at the time, Sol Regen, happens to be the same dragon at the end of season 2 blocking Callum and Rayla’s way into Xadia.
This episode primarily focuses on Callum and Rayla sneaking past Sol Regen and General Amaya defending the last post between the border of humans and elves. Both play with the theme of sacrifice for the greater good. Elsewhere, we catch up with the now imprisoned Viren and Ezran’s voyage back to become the new king. There’s plenty of action and great moments with a very moving ending.

Other interesting notes include that there will be books coming about the series including the recently announced art book. Some of these books may even contain information pertinent to the show’s storyline. There will also be new merchandise on the way sold at Hot Topic such as jewelry and t-shirts. And, they have other partnerships coming that they can’t quite announce yet.
New characters will be introduced this season and later including a new race of elves and the earth dragon, Rex Igneous. Even further down the line there will be “weird magic stuff”. They’ll go into who Callum’s father is and more about Runaan’s fate within the coin as well.

Catch up on the first two seasons of The Dragon Prince on Netflix and watch the season three premiere on November 22, 2019.

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