It’s Getting To Be Time For A Prison Break On Black Lightning

by Erik Amaya

Last night’s Season 3 premiere of Black Lighting was one of the best, most focused episodes of the series as whole — even if it made us wait for Lala (William Catlet) to show up. The situation in Freeland has changed, and the Pierce family must attack it from different angles. But as this preview of next week’s episode indicates, it may by time for Jefferson (Cress Williams) and Lynn (Christine Adams) to orchestrate a prison break from the ASA black site. Meanwhile, Anissa (Nafessa Williams) is in a bad way and Jennifer’s (China Anne McClain) powers are going into overdrive. Will everyone make it to safety before the ASA or the Markovians find them?

As we said up top, this was a fantastic episode of the show. It balanced its characters perfectly and reminded the audience of characters like Issa and Grace at the exact right moments. While is still makes odd choices in its storytelling, the program feels more focused than it has in ages. Well, except for Lala’s scene at the end, but that might be down to seeing Catlet’s name in the credits at the start of the episode. Also, the show hit hard with its refrain about kids in cages; making it very clear what the writing staff thinks about the border crisis.
But we hope the show will give the Markovian threat a recognizable face. Perhaps a villainous version of Geo-Force? Or maybe Terra could be the country’s deluded head of state. We also hope the ASA storyline — can you believe we’re still looking for the danged briefcase!? — will get resolved soon.
Black Lightning airs Mondays on The CW.

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