Guy Richie Returns To Doing What He Does Best In ‘The Gentlemen’

by Tito W. James

Guy Ritchie is a visionary filmmaker who’s had some hits and misses. His radical re-interoperation of Sherlock Holmes had a profound effect on me in high school and I’ve recently been blown away by his earlier works like Snatch and Revolver. Lately Ritchie’s inventive filmmaking has been stymied by a series of tentpole franchise films with lukewarm reception.

With The Gentlemen, Richie returns to his bread and butter of crime and villainy and I couldn’t be happier. Richie’s crime movies are always enjoyable for their witty banter and eccentric characters but their also distinctive for their creative editing and larger-than-life esthetic. Richie is one of the few directors who’s able to blend gritty realism with fantastic absurdism. It’s great to see him return to form.

Look for more info on the Gentlemen in the coming year.

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