Kickstarting Comics: John Wagner And Dan Cornwell’s Rok The God

by Olly MacNamee

Judge Dredd co-creator, John Wagner,  has been moonlighting as an indie comic book creator for some time now, when not writing for 2000AD, with his first mini-series (alongside fellow 2000AD scribe and frequent writing partner, Alan Grant), Rok of the Reds, being a fun, tongue-in-cheek comic book that mixes the widescreen action of sci-fi with the more down-to-earth domestic drama of English soccer. Both with a long history on British comics, but never combined in this original way before.
Having completed the first series – and first soccer season – in which the alien Rokk takes the place of the unlikeable, spoilt soccer star, Kyle Dixon, in the team the Radford Reds while shrinking Dixon down to doll size from along with a corrupt referee, Wagner and artist Dan Cornwell are ready to release the second season, Rok The God. Can they shoot and score with your support? Or, will they be as sick as a parrot?

Summoned back to his home planet to be made an offer of godhood, only for Rokk to turn it down in favour of playing soccer back on Earth, this free 20+ page digital preview reveals there’s something more sinister to this offer than you’d think. Seems he’s right to turn it down, even if it does seem like an offer he can’t refuse. Can he escape his destiny, or take up a position he never asked for and never wanted?
As even with Kickstarter campaigns, there’s plenty of pledges to choose from, depending on your spending power with something cheap and cheerful (for £10 you’ll get a physical copy of the book and your name included) to something far more decadent (£5,000 will get you a whole treasure trove of treats including your very own Radford Reds soccer shirt, 10 copies of the book and more). To have a look at the full list check out the campaign here, which is open until November 1st.
But, for a lot more on Rok The God, check out my panel with these creators from this past weekend’s Leam Comic Con, as featured in episode #222 of The Awesome Comics Podcast (at the 0.5:18 mark). That’s should answer any questions you may still have.

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