Legion Of Super-Heroes: Millennium #2 Paints A Bleak Picture Of The Future

by Tony Thornley

The future of the DC Universe is one of the most exciting aspects of the universe, however it’s difficult to reconcile some of the different timelines. Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium not only does its best to do that, but also tell a coherent story about a woman trying to keep it together through it all.

Cover by Ryan Sook

Brian Michael Bendis, Nikola Scott, Jim Cheung, Jeff Dekal, Ryan Sook, Tomeu Morey, Jordie Bellaire, and Dave Sharpe go back into the future in this issue.

Rose Forrest still struggles with her immortality, bouncing through the various futures of the DCU. She spurns the advances of Michael Carter, mere hours before he steals the gear that would make him Booster Gold. She saves OMAC from getting hacked. She embarks on a space adventure alone. And after all that she arrives on New Earth on one of the most important dates of the future- the day the Legion is founded…

After a disjointed but entertaining first issue, I wasn’t sure what to expect with this issue. Though it still lacks a throughline and a bit of connection between stories, Bendis writes a much stronger story here. This story steps back a little, getting out of Rose’s head for the first half of the issue to establish a bit more mystery around her, before pulling into her head (immediately after she says she should start a journal, a great gag from Bendis). In all, it has a stronger progression, and leads to a conclusion that has me excited for next month’s relaunch.

Without a doubt, the highlight of the issue is in its art. Each chapter is beautifully illustrated by Scott, Cheung, Dekal and Sook, and the different artists highlighted having more complementary styles than last issue. No one chapter stands out more than the others, but each is exciting in its own way. By having the different focuses, it builds up to Sook’s chapter perfectly, with the revelation of the assembled Legion, and the final full-page spread of Rose ready to give them a message.

It’s an unconventional issue for sure, but it’s a lot of fun, and a great introduction to this new incarnation of the Legion.

Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium #2 is available now from DC Comics.

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