Jungle Cruise Trailer Reveals The Backside Of Water And An Appealing Tone

by Erik Amaya

Disney has released a trailer for next summer’s Jungle Cruise. Based on the Disneyland opening day attraction, Dwayne Johnson stars as riverboat captain who uses many of the ride’s corniest ideas as part of the “cheapest” river excursion tourists in the 1920s could book. He even highlights the backside of water. But his normal operations run aground when a would-be archeologist (Emily Blunt) hires him to take her and her brother upriver in search of treasure. But as this is a Disney film based on a Disney ride, their course will take them into supernatural waters.

If the tone feels a little bit like Universal’s 1999 remake of The Mummy, that would be intentional. And the absolute correct choice. The period setting, the glimpse of something not-off-this-earth at the end, and the jokiest all point to the film not taking itself too seriously while offering a fun adventure romp. It is a tone we so rarely see these days in big tentpole films and we hope the movie is as good as this first trailer suggests.
Jungle Cruise opens July 24th, 2020.

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