The Dawn Of X Begins: Who Might Join The X-Men On Krakoa?

by Tony Thornley
X-Men #1 cover by Lenil Francis Yu

As the Dawn of X era for Marvel Comics’ merry mutants begins, a call went out in the page of House of X – all mutants are welcome in the new mutant nation of Krakoa. It’s a sweeping proclamation that brought some of the most despicable villains in the Marvel catalogue to Krakoa, however it may also include some familiar but unexpected faces to the X-Men. So what are the odds that some of the unexpected mutant heroes and villains we might see pop up on Krakoa? Check it out below!

Franklin Richards

Image by Paco Medina

Let’s start with the obvious. Franklin’s status as the most powerful mutant ever has been a plot point in several Marvel books recently. In House of X, Cyclops invited him to Krakoa while data sheets have identified him as the only Omega-class mutant affiliated with humanity. In Fantastic Four, he’s still ultra-powerful, despite his powers seemingly wearing out or getting used up. In The History of the Marvel Universe, Galactus definitively calls him the most powerful mutant alive. 

There’s no doubt Franklin is powerful too, whether as plain old Franklin, Psi-Lord or Powerhouse. In the Onslaught event, he saved the Avengers and Fantastic Four by shunting them into a pocket universe. At the climax of Secret Wars, he stayed behind to re-create the entire multiverse, with a little help from his family. He’s an incredibly powerful and (surprisingly for his age) capable mutant. He’s destined for great things, without a doubt.

It seems inevitable that he’ll be showing up. The question then isn’t if, but when? I’d bet sooner, rather than later.

Odds: 1-1


Image by Kris Anka

Angelica Jones first appeared as the co-star of Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, however the microwave-powered mutant’s first comics appearance was in a self-titled miniseries. This series found her facing Emma Frost herself, and revealed her status as a mutant, forever connecting her to the X-Men. Then Angelica seemed to head firmly into the “Marvel Heroes” side of the company, with only a few mentions of her status as a mutant popping up from time to time. She served with both the New Warriors, helping found the team, and an extended stint as an Avenger, before going into a bit of a limbo for several years.

Then that all changed in 2013’s Amazing X-Men, in which Angelica joined the main X-Men team at the Jean Grey School. Ever since then she’s been most closely associated with the X-Men, with almost every appearance for the last six years being X-Men related. In fact, she MAY have already shown up in House of X, as we do see a few different firey mutants in group shots, but it hasn’t been explicitly confirmed as of yet.

Odds: 1-1

Image by Marcus To


Angelica’s ex-boyfriend, former New Warrior and former Avenger, Vance Astrovik has been a mutant ever since his possible future-self, the original Guardians of the Galaxy member Major Victory, accidentally triggered his powers. However, unlike Angelica, his status as a mutant has simply been an origin story. He’s had little to no interaction with the X-Men outside of a crossover or two.

Part of that may be his close ties to the New Warriors, or his life-long dream of Avengers membership (something he’s accomplished a few times now). Otherwise, his status as a mutant really isn’t much more than a (small) part of an incredibly weird and overly complex origin.

It’s very possible (probably a bit more than other entries on this list), but unlikely, simply because this side of his character may be forgotten or ignored.

Odds: 20-1


Between himself and his sister, Pietro Maximoff has been more closely associated with the X-Men than Wanda. Though they both first appeared in X-Men as members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, they both joined the Avengers shortly thereafter. For Wanda, she’s hardly looked back (except to say “No More Mutants”- sorry I had to). But for Pietro, he’s shown up extensively in X-Men books, most notably in both volumes of X-Factor, as well as a lot of Magneto related material.

Image by Eric Nguyen

Now, the Maximoffs have had a long and storied history with mutantkind- for a significant amount of their history they were Magneto’s children. I’ll talk about Wanda more in a bit, but Pietro is an interesting case. Once he learned that he was Magneto’s child, he was faced with an interesting dilemma, whether he was becoming like his father or not. It also added a variety interesting elements to his character, particularly his marriage and parenthood, as his union to and later daughter with the Inhuman princess Crystal was seen as bridging two peoples. It also lead to his long-time membership with the government sponsored version of X-Factor, antagonistic relationship with X-Factor Investigations, and membership in the corporate All-New X-Factor.

Ever since the Axis event in 2015 though, that bit of character development was erased in a plot point that seemed to exclusively be Marvel editorial thumbing their noses at 20th Century Fox. Currently, he’s believed to not be Magneto’s son, and a mutated human, rather than a mutant. However that information came from the High Evolutionary, a being not known for his honesty, and could be very easily changed back by the Dawn of X creators. After all, we’ve already seen creators hinting at rolling back the retcon already, as recently as this year’s Age of X-Man event…

Odds: 5-1

Squirrel Girl & Quake

Image by Yasmine Putri

These two are interesting ones that I’m lumping together for a reason. Both were characters who were either explicitly confirmed or strongly hinted were mutants. However, both have received retcons in recent years. Quake- AKA Daisy Johnson- has explicitly changed into an Inhuman, a retcon that’s unlikely to change any time soon. However, Daisy is a favorite character of Hickman’s after he wrote her for the duration of Secret Warriors, so it’s possible.

Image by by Kamome Shirahama

Doreen Green, the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, is an interesting case though. Though a retcon has very firmly said she does not carry the X-gene (which some speculated was a move to keep the popular character out of Fox’s hands- now a moot point), there’s been no new origin established in its place. It’s even explicitly called out in this month’s Marvel Comics #1001– if she’s not a mutant, what is she? Though I don’t think she’s going to be joining the X-Men any time soon, a Squirrel Girl cameo and/or undoing the retcon would not shock me.

Odds: Squirrel Girl: 20-1; Quake: 5-1 for an appearance, but 100-1 for making her a mutant

The Great Lakes Avengers

Image by Will Robson

Marvel’s longest-lasting joke characters have long been established as mutants. In fact, at one point they get sued for using the Avengers name, realize they’re all mutants and change the team name to the Great Lakes X-Men! The team is an interesting mix of characters with fascinating personalities and back stories, and played straight they could be fascinating additions to the X-Men.

Do I actually think it’ll happen though? No. Sure there’s a slim chance they might show up in a crowd scene on Krakoa, or they might make a cameo in the background of a humor comic commenting on the new mutant nation. However, I don’t think any of the team is joining the X-Men any time soon.

Odds: 200-1

Cloak & Dagger

Image by Mahmud Asrar

For a hot minute, Marvel toyed with the fact that Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson’s powers didn’t come from drugs they took, but rather drug exposure kickstarted their X-gene. In fact, their 1988 series was specifically titled “The Mutant Misadventures of Cloak & Dagger” for its first 12 issues. However, that door was pretty definitively slammed in the X-Men’s San Francisco/Utopia era, as it was confirmed they did not have the X-gene.

As I’ve said a couple times already, anything is possible. However, this one is pretty unlikely, as Cloak and Dagger don’t need the retcon to be interesting characters (and making them mutants again is just a little confusing).

Odds: 10,000-1


Andrea and Andreas von Strucker are the twin children of Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, the evil head of Hydra, and one of the greatest villains in the Marvel Universe. The twins- collectively known as Fenris- first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #194. Ever since then, they’ve appeared all over the Marvel Universe, but have often come in conflict with the X-Men and various other X-teams.

Image By John Romita Jr.

Though Andrea was deceased for a significant amount of time, she’s since returned, and reunited with her brother. They’ve only had a few appearances since, but I would be surprised if they didn’t at least show up. However, given the amount of independence they’ve enjoyed as crime lords and as Hydra, I’d be surprised if they actually join mutantkind on Krakoa.

Odds: 12-1


David Cannon is best known for his obsession with the Avenger Wasp. Honestly, it appears that the only reason he’s a mutant is so no one had to come up with an origin for how he could spin really quickly without getting dizzy. He’s never been associated with an explicitly mutant team of villains or even fought the X-Men.

So why am I including him? Mostly as a stand-in for the fact that there are a LOT of mutant characters out in the Marvel Universe that we might forget about. Don’t count on them all showing up- except Eye Scream. If Eye Scream doesn’t show up…

Odds: 5,000-1

The Scarlet Witch

Oh my goodness, this one is loaded. Now, you can transfer a lot of what I said about Pietro down to this section. In fact, go re-read that entry then scroll back down here. It’s cool. I’ll wait.

*Tony hums along to his radio while you re-read*

Image by Kris Anka

Back? Great. The difference between Wanda and Pietro? House of M. In House of M, Wanda used her magical/reality warping abilities to erase the mutant gene from 90% plus of all mutants. This resulted in widespread death and destruction, and set the mutant race back decades. Editorially it was done to “force” writers to be more creative with new character origins, but for the X-Men line, it was a huge setback.

Clearly, in universe, someone is still holding a grudge. In the supplemental material attached to House of X #4, Scarlet Witch is referred to as “the PRETENDER Wanda Maximoff” (emphasis mine) on the data sheet about human crime against mutants. It’s the first time that made it clear that the data sheets were in-universe documents (most likely Moira MacTaggert’s notes and studies) and it was also some harsh shade thrown on someone who was once a great ally. But it does also make it clear that Wanda is considered an enemy of the state of Krakoa, regardless of any retcon to has or will happened to her genetic status.

However, that’s clear as day that she’s going to be showing up, doesn’t it?

Odds: 1-1 for making an appearance, but 1000-1 that she’ll be joining Krakoa

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