Bring Home A Piece Of Jessica Jones Through The Prop Store Auction

by Gary Catig

During New York Comic Con, one of the leading film and TV memorabilia companies, Prop Store, announced they will be working in association with Marvel Entertainment to hold the first television live auction to feature costumes, props and set decorations from Marvel’s Jessica Jones.

There will be big ticket items from all three seasons like the titular characters jacket, shirt and pants combo or her Jewel prototype jumpsuit. In addition, more modest entries like Jessica Jones’ camera or Gregory Sallinger’s wrestling trophy are up for grabs. There was even a display at the Marvel booth previewing what fans can expect.

At the show, we spoke with VP of Business and Development & Operations for Prop Store, Chuck Costas, to learn more about the exciting auction.

Chuck Costas: We did the first auction for Marvel’s Daredevil, Marvel’s Luke Cage and Marvel’s Iron Fist back in August. That was the first time we worked with Marvel on that and it was the same thing. It was a live auction. We had about 900 items from those shows that we were offering at that time.

Everything from Matt Murdock’s Daredevil costume to Luke Cage’s hoodie but smaller things as well. The key is we want to make sure that all Marvel fans, whatever budget they have, have a chance to get something.

Gary Catig: At least something is accessible for them.

CC: Yeah. Like I said, with this one, the bidding will actually start at $50 for a lot of the items. They could be $50 or they could go for a little bit more. We found a lot of things ended under $250. The classic, iconic things were more expensive. In this case, Jessica’s black leather jacket will probably be the star attraction.

We’ll have a couple of those in the actual auction. Outside of that, if your favorite character is Hellcat or if it’s Sallinger, aka Foolkiller or Kilgrave, hopefully there is something for you that you get an attachment to and want to take home and put into your collection.

GC: How successful was your first run? It had to be well enough that they’re doing a second one.

CC: Yeah, I think Marvel was very happy with the results. Ultimately, what was really satisfying to me was reading about the people who were really happy to get the items and actually excited to get it.

GC: Like testimonials and stuff?

CC: Yeah. We had folks like Erik Oleson, who was one of the showrunners from season 3, who was very excited to get a black costume for himself and actually put on display as a part of that. We had people that showed up to the auction who were big Elektra fans and the fact that they could get one of her funeral programs or something like that really just got them excited. That for me, was the satisfaction of it.

I think everybody felt it was the right way to sort of put this stuff in the hands of fans after the shows were complete as opposed to going into warehouses or something like that. We’re really excited about that. With Marvel’s Jessica Jones we started working with Marvel many months ago. We’re cataloging it. We have to go screen match everything to make sure it was actually used in the production to be able to write the descriptions for fans on that.

GC: Say, if someone has a winning bid, do they also get a certificate of authenticity as well?

CC: Yeah, we do. In the first auction, Joe Quesada, who is the chief creative officer for Marvel, and who was an executive producer on all the shows, and who actually did the artwork for our display for Marvel’s Jessica Jones, he was the person who signed on behalf of Marvel. He was intimately involved in this whole process as well.

GC: One thing I found interesting because I was from near there, before the auction you had a lot of items on display in your office in Valencia. Are you going to have all this stuff on display in Valencia again?

CC: Leading up to the auction, we probably will have a display at our office in Valencia. That’s the plan but our main showing of this stuff is going to be here at New York Comic Con over the weekend. We’ll rotate a bunch of different items through so people get a real preview of a bunch of different things that will be at the auction.

GC: It seems to have worked. You’re doing it a second time. The first time it was Daredevil, Iron Fist and Luke Cage and now it’s Jessica Jones. Is there a possibility for other shows like The Defenders?

CC: Let’s hope we continue doing a good job with these auctions. Marvel has been a great partner through this. If and when they are ready to sell stuff from future series, we’d be more than happy to represent them on that.

GC: How did your activation go earlier today?

CC: It was sort of a deep dive into the items that are going to be part of the auction. We got a chance to preview the key items that we’ll have on display but also other ones that won’t necessarily be on display but will give people insight into some things that will be in the auction. You can go right now to and you can see a preview of some of the items as well if you’re not here in New York Comic Con.

GC: Do you have anything else to add based off of what you’re doing now with Jessica Jones or in the future?

CC: I think we’ve really enjoyed it. This is something where we really curated this as if we knew this was going to the fans. We tried to pick out items that we thought fans would really react well to. As part of this, we’re also trying to make it fun.

If you go right now to and register for the auction, between now and November 20th, Marvel has allowed us to give away five Jessica Jones business cards, the Alias Investigations ones. You don’t have to necessarily buy anything but if you register for the auction, you’re entered to win one of those cards. We think that’s another way to make these auctions fun for fans to participate in.

We want to thank Chuck for taking the time to speak with us. You can learn more about the auction at and don’t forget to register to be eligible for the business card giveaway.

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