Jamie McKelvie Enters The Killing Zone Next Summer With Image Comics

by Olly MacNamee

With the wonderful The Wicked + The Divine now concluded, Jamie McKelvie isn’t letting the grass grow under his feet for too long. As a follow up, he’s teaming up with his colorist on the aforementioned series, Matthew Wilson, to write and illustrate new series The Killing Zone due to launch next summer, along with Aditya Bidikar on lettering duties.

The Killing Zone takes place in the post-post-apocalyptic future. Far from Earth, a specialist in studying dead alien societies is embedded with a military unit to excavate a new find. She’s done it before. It’s good work and it’s safe. She thinks it’s just another job.
She’s wrong.
Lost and alone, deep beneath the warped, skeletal spires of the millennia-dead city, she finds something powerful. Something unlike anything any human has ever known. Something that needs her to take it on a journey no living being has ever taken. Something that will make her a target for every side fighting a deadly war. It calls to her.
She answers.

He’s already given an exclusive interview with io9, where he told them the following about this new post-apocalyptic book:

The canvas becomes vast and that’s more than a little bit scary for me. Humans are humans, cars are cars, you can generally recognize that a tree is a tree. Those boundaries vanish when you’re doing a story like this. With such a drastic change of setting, storytelling possibilities expand out in all sorts of different directions. There’s a sequence I’m really excited about drawing that arose from a quandary: how do I approach this moment/image on the page? The story possibilities spill out into the “storytelling” possibilities and that’s got me buzzing.

Watch out for more news closer to the due date. Until then, enjoy the cover.

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