Supergirl Faces A Web-Slinging Foe In A Preview Of Next Week’s Show

by Erik Amaya

After establishing the particulars of its pre-“Crisis” story, Supergirl is set for a villain of the week type episode next Sunday. And if this preview is to be believed, Kara’s (Melissa Benoist) foe is a webslinger. Will their be winky jokes to the cross-town rivals’s spider themed characters? Time will tell.

Meanwhile, this week’s show was something of a slog even as it introduced some key concepts. The holes in J’onn’s (David Harewood) memory are quite intriguing. Did his father put them there? And what are they hiding? Malefic thinks himself the wronged party here, so is it possible all of the Green Martians exiled him for another reason than treachery? Granted, the White Martian called him “old friend,” which suggests Malefic was quite the collaborator.
Also, what lesson does The Monitor (LaMonica Garrett) hope to impart by setting Malefic loose on Earth?
Lena’s (Katie McGrath) slide into mad science is just heartbreaking. As seen here, she had no problem turning Eve (Andrea Brooks) into a vessel for Hope. Sure, her intentions here seem good, but if she had no compunction about turning a person into her AI program, what will she do to all the bystanders she’s come to believe are wholly corrupt. Was this Lex’s plan all along? Also, what will Leviathan do with Hope once it gets a hold of her?
And on the Leviathan front, is Andrea Rojas (Julie Gonzalo) involved? Considering her company is aware of Q-waves well before Brainy (Jesse Rath) said they would be discovered, it seems clear she is aware of some future happenings. If she is part of Levithan, are they some aspect of the future manifesting on Earth? Then again, the comic book character she’s based on is a hero, so is all of this the unlikely beginning of a new friendship for Kara.
These questions are definitely compelling — more so than the episode itself — but I still hope the show takes a page from The Flash‘s new playbook and wraps up a few of them ahead of “Crisis.” Rojas, for instance, is just not a compelling antagonist. Her attempt to turn Catco into a clickbait farm lacks for subtlety. If it is a lead up to Catco’s complete construction or Cat Grant re-emerging to buy back the company, we’d like that to happen as quickly as possible.
Supergirl airs Sundays on The CW.

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