Berger Books’ Tomorrow Imagines A Terrifying Future From Milligan & Hervas

by James Ferguson

Berger Books and Dark Horse Comics have announced Tomorrow, a new five-issue mini-series debuting in 2020 from writer Peter Milligan, artist Jesus Hervas, and colorist James Devlin. The premise is pretty creepy from the jump. Tomorrow is set in a world where a Russian computer virus has jumped from the tech world to the organic, wiping out most of the adult population. The world immediately falls into the unsteady hands of the next generation.

Karen Berger says:

It’s so great to be working with Peter Milligan again! He’s simply one of the best, and his new thriller Tomorrow shows why he continues to be one of comics’ most original, provocative, and passionate writers. Jesús Hervas’s illustrative and expressive art is perfect for this frightening tale that could very well be our future.

Tomorrow centers on musical prodigy Oscar Fuentes as he’s separated from his twin sister, Cira. The two are stranded on opposite sides of the country without the support of each other. They’re then swept into the rapidly-evolving networks of gangs.

Tomorrow #1 is set for release on February 26th, 2020.

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