Classic FF, Classic Byrne: Preview John Byrne Fantastic Four Artist Select

by Olly MacNamee

John Byrne, Marvel and IDW have had a great relationship recently with a number of top quality Artifact Editions coming out over the past year or so. So, why stop now? Released this week via IDW is this limited edition John Byrne Fantastic Four Artist Select slipcase collection of selected comics, all signed by the man himself, with only 999 copies available. I’d get in there quick if you want a copy and avoid disappointment.
While I was too late to the party for his and Chris Claremont’s classic run on The Uncanny X-Men, his FF was a huge part of my childhood and my first introduction to Marvel. Indeed, if it wasn’t for Byrne and a certain black Spidey suit, I think I wouldn’t have bothered with Marvel much as a kid. But, Byrne changed all of that.
Hmmm, it’s a bit pricey, but then it is my birthday this week too. And, it lands on new comic book day. Excelsior!

For more than 40 years, John Byrne has been one of the most popular artists in comics. His legendary run on X-Men with collaborator Chris Claremont stands as one of the most influential of all time. Now, IDW Publishing is proud to present the massive (360 pages!) John Byrne Artist Select Fantastic Four collection. This beautiful book is part of the Marvel Artist Select series which collects iconic issues by beloved Marvel creators.
This oversized, limited edition hardcover celebrates John Byrne’s time on Fantastic Four, with a carefully chosen selection of the creator’s most impactful issues. Each book in this 999-copy, limited-edition run is presented in a beautiful slipcase, is individually numbered, and is signed by John Byrne. This deluxe hardcover features a collection of stories which will only be available in this limited edition hardcover. Highlights in this collection include Fantastic Four #’s 236, 238, 240, 242, 243, 244, 252, and more!
A true crown jewel in any John Byrne collection!


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