Strontium Dog: Search & Destroy – The Earliest Days Of The Dog Coming In 2020

by Richard Bruton

The earliest adventures of one of 2000 AD’s greatest characters, Johnny Alpha, the Strontium Dog, is finally being reprinted in its original glory, complete with all the full-colour pages, in a brand-new hardcover, Strontium Dog: Search & Destroy, coming out in summer 2020.

Yes, it’s time to go back to the very beginning of the very best mutant mayhem around!
Strontium Dog: Search & Destroy reprints the earliest adventures of Strontium Dog, reprinted this time with its original colour pages for the first time in a long, long time. It’s a lavish 11×8 inch hardcover, collecting the origins of John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra’s hard-hitting story of prejudice and violence.
The book comes out on 26th June 2020 with a new introduction by co-creator John Wagner and features stories with art from co-creator Carlos Ezquerra, along with Brendan McCarthy and Ian Gibson.
Strontium Dog first saw print not in 2000 AD, but in Starlord, a short-lived sister sci-fi publication, whose 22 issues in 1978 ran alongside 2000 AD, albeit with better quality paper and colour centre-spreads. At the end of those 22 issues, only a couple of its strips, Ro-Busters and Strontium Dog, made the jump into 2000 AD.
And it was Strontium Dog that would go on to become one of 2000 AD’s most popular characters and strips, second only to Judge Dredd.
Set in a post-nuclear war world, there are now two distinct classes of people; the Norms and the Mutants, a persecuted minority whose bodies have been warped by the Strontium 90 nuclear fallout. They have only one employment option, join the ranks of the Strontium Dogs, bounty hunters who track down the scum of the galaxy.
Search and Destroy brings back into print the earliest tales of this classic Brit series, complete with those fantastic Starlord colour centre-spreads lovingly restored.
Strontium Dog: Search & Destroy is published by 2000 AD on 26 June 2020, featuring a new introduction from co-creator John Wagner. It’s written by John Wagner with art from Carlos Ezquerra, Brendan McCarthy, and Ian Gibson.
And now, because you’re all so lovely… a little of what to expect in the hardcover, the original Strontium Dog series from Starlord, along with some of the covers… but bear in mind, these are the originals not the restored versions you’ll find in Search & Destroy…

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