The String That Leads Home: Life Is Strange #9

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]

Max Caulfield finally comes clean with Chloe and Rachel about her time-manipulation abilities as well as her extra-dimensional origins. Naturally, Chloe and Rachel find this hard to believe, but Tristan’s own powers lend credence to Max’s claims. Chloe takes it pretty hard, as Max finishes this explanation with the declaration that she will need to return to her own timeline soon. After a while, Chloe accepts it and vows to help Max on her journey home. However, Rachel still needs time to take it in and slips out quietly. She goes to the local bar, where the High Seas are readying for a set. One of the band members, Dex, has some comforting words for Rachel.

Life is Strange #9 cover by Claudia Leonardi
Life is Strange #9 cover by Claudia Leonardi

Life is Strange #9 picks up with Max revealing the truth to Chloe and Rachel and deciding that she needs to go back home to her own Chloe Price. It’s an emotional and cathartic moment for everyone, and it explains a lot of Max’s recent behavior for Chloe. It also sparks some discomfort and fear in Rachel given her own apparent demise in Max’s home timeline.

Almost the entire issue is Chloe and Rachel trying to let Max’s story sink in and decide how to move forward. 

There isn’t a lot of drama or plot progression out of that, but that’s not a problem for this book. This reveal has been four issues in the making, and it wouldn’t read true if it were handled in the matter of a few pages. It’s also quite heartwarming by the end.

Claudia Leonardi’s artwork continues to be one of the major selling points for Life is Strange. She knows how to highlight the minor details and expressions while presenting an overall aesthetic that feels true to the world and characters. Andrea Izzo gives a cool yet balanced color palette that suits the mixture fantasy and interpersonal drama.

Life is Strange #9 is a strong start for the next arc of this Titan Comics adaptation. Chloe needs to go home, but she can’t do that without coming clean to Chloe and Rachel. It’s an emotional yet optimistic issue, and it’s worth a recommendation. Feel free to check this one out.

Life is Strange #9 comes to us from writer Emma Vieceli, artist Claudia Leonardi, color artist Andrea Izzo, letters from Richard Starkings and Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt, cover artist Claudia Leonardi, and variant cover artists Will OfferRoberta Inguanata, and Claudia Leonardi.

Final Score: 8/10

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