Time Catches Up To The Devil In Death-Defying Devil #3

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]
The Death-Defying Devil rests up in the apartment of another pair of Winslow tenants, this time being the sisters Marika and Tina Amberson. The Devil falls asleep, only to wake up in a retirement home. He’s out-of-shape and much, much older. Marika is the administering doctor, and Tina is a nurse. Two of the attendants, Derek and Freddy regularly abuse Bart and the other seniors. He doesn’t know how this came to be, but the Devil isn’t going to take this lying down. He tries to get Marika to remember the Devil, but she doesn’t. Left with no other choice, Bart fights back against Derek and Freddy directly.

Death-Defying Devil #3 cover by Inhyuk Lee
Death-Defying Devil #3 cover by Inhyuk Lee

Death-Defying Devil #3 takes another strange turn, with Bart being thrust into the body of an older man and fighting against abusive caretakers. One could easily write it off as a bad dream if it weren’t for the previous issue, where the Devil found himself in an old Western show somehow being conjured by the mysterious and ominous Mr. Donovan.
Of course, the comic is also referencing towards the ‘Devil’s real-world age given that he was a Golden Age superhero. A character in the comic even makes a veiled connection to that fact.
All the strangeness taken into account, it’s still a fun comic with plenty of good action beats. It’s fun watching Bart fight against age and weakness to stand up against Derek, Freddy, and the other forces of Donovan.
Walter Geovani brings another visually strong issue here with impressive texturing and detailing for the Devil and the world around him. The action scenes flow well and deliver good impact panels, and the costume once again looks great once it shows up. Adriano Augusto’s color work gives an atmospheric and appealing palette to the comic to boot.
Death-Defying Devil #3 is another entertaining installment for this Project Superpowers hero. We get to see him continue the good fight against Donovan on behalf of the Winslow tenants, and we learn what the price for this defiance might be. In any case, this comic gets a recommendation. Check it out.
Death-Defying Devil #3 comes to us from writer Gail Simone, artist Walter Geovani, color artist Adriano Augusto, letterer Simon Bowland, cover artist Inhyuk Lee, and variant cover artists Lucio Parrillo and Riccardo Federici.
Final Score: 8.5/10

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