Triage #2 Tries To Turn The Tables

by Tony Thornley

Cross-genre fiction has existed since the concept of genre was invented. However, combining a cross-genre story with the science-fiction concept of the multiverse has surprisingly happened very little. However, that’s just one thing of many that makes Triage #2 a fascinating and engrossing read.

Phillip Sevy and Frank Cvetkovic dive deep into their interdimensional mystery in this latest issue.

Evie, Orbit and Marco are all on edge, having just learned not just that the Hunter is coming for them, but that they’re all alternate universe versions of each other. They hope to make a stand against the killer in Evie’s universe with her girlfriend Tab’s help. However, can they really stand up to a monster who’s killed countless alternate versions of them, especially with one of them hurt badly?

After last issue’s stunning mind trip, Sevy grounds this issue quite a bit more (about as grounded as a multiversal war with a killer cyborg can be). He highlights both how similar the women are, despite their vastly different situations and upbringings, as well as how different they are. It’s especially well done with their personalities, each varied (Orbit’s sarcasm versus Marco’s stoicism for example) but not completely foreign or alien to each other. It’s hard to describe but it works so well.

He also continues to push his art forward. He sets the characters apart with not sure design but how they move, how they stand, even how they hold their heads. He also creates two impressive yet vastly different supporting characters in Tab and the Hunter. Tab’s presence draws the eye to her, with a quiet and still confidence, both in facial expression and body language. The Hunter meanwhile demands the reader’s attention, dominating the page as he marches through it, facing the layouts to change as he moves through it. It’s a small but crucial detail that affects how the story is read.

Sevy is proving himself to be an absolute powerhouse, and this issue is evidence that he’s a force to be reckoned with. It’s a must-read.

Triage #2 is available now from Dark Horse Comics.

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