An Afro-Futurist Adventure Begins In Kudzu: Heart Of The Mountain

by James Ferguson

Boom! Studios has announced Kudzu: Heart of the Mountain, a new original graphic novel coming in August 2020 from Dustin Bolton. It blends sci-fi and fantasy in a story about discovering your future by first understanding your past.

Set years after a worldwide ecological disaster, the comic follows a young boy named Kudzu as he uncovers his family history…which happens to be tied to the aforementioned disaster. As he learns the truth, Kudzu is pulled into a clash of worlds that threatens all of mankind, but could also be the key to giving the planet a new start.
Creator Dustin Bolton says:

I’m so excited to unveil the world of Kudzu with its mythic beasts, rusty mechs, and caverns full of a mysterious power called tama. I also can’t wait for everyone to meet Kudzu, the boy who bonds with an ancient power to save his fragile homeland from the grips of a tyrant, and ultimately discovers the power that lies within himself.

Kudzu: Heart of the Mountain will be published under Boom! Studios’ KaBoom! imprint, geared towards middle grade and younger readers.
Chris Rosa, Editor, Boom! Studios added:

This is a truly excellent graphic novel for fans of adventure, science fiction, fantasy, and crazy heroics—so, a little bit of everything for everyone. Dustin takes us on an adventure that spans across a magical world full of new discoveries, as well as new dangers, as young Kudzu and his friends set off to save the world.

Kudzu: Heart of the Mountain is set for release in August 2020.

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