Dwayne Johnson Says Black Adam Will Shoot Next Year (Again)

by Erik Amaya

Dwayne Johnson is one of the busiest people in the film business, so we forgive the fact he has been saying Black Adam will go into production “next year” for quite a few years. But we’re inclined to believe him in this Tweet, in which he responds to a fan’s amazing Black Adam statue by saying the film will finally start shooting in July of 2020.

As Johnson notes himself, he has been attached to play Black Adam for over a decade; when he was considering Shazam and fans told him he should be the magically-powered antihero. At first, many thought he would play the character in the Shazam! feature film, but Johnson’s participation gave the character a preemptive spinoff which has gone through a number of permutations and changes over the years. Consequently, the actor has been in a position to say the film will shoot “next year” for much of the past decade in the hopes a script he, a director, and Warner Bros. Pictures all agree on materialized. But as that script never appeared and the actor maintains a busy schedule, Warner Bros. kept the film off its original 2014 DC Films slate.

The difference this time: Johnson offers a specific month. He may have done so previously — he talks about this project often enough — but it would suggest a number of elements are finally in place to make it happen. Jaume Collet-Serra is attached to direct with Adam Sztykiel writing the current screenplay. And as Johnson is an executive producer on the project, it is probable he is keeping next summer open for production. Then again, the feature film version of The Flash was supposed to be released two years ago and production on Cyborg should’ve been underway by now (to say nothing of The Green Lantern Corps.). Johnson may have every intention of making Black Adam next year, but forces may conspire against it again.

Meanwhile, someone should hire Twitter user “King’s Letter” for their sculpting needs. He’s really good at it.

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