History Of The Marvel Universe #4 Is A Prestigious Pop Cultural Trip Down Memory Lane

by Olly MacNamee

Once again, Mark Waid and Javier Rodríguez, with Alvaro López on inks, blow the reader away with this fourth issue that takes in the 70s, 80s and early 90s with breathtaking efficiency on both the plotting and the art.

Given the sheer volume of classic storylines and sagas these three decades brought forth onto the printed page, I take my hat off to Waid for effortlessly summarising each epic in just a few sentences. The Dark Phoenix Saga, the Korvac Saga, The Infinity Gauntlet and so many more are condensed down by Waid with Rodríguez and López masterfully creating page after page of sensational, dynamic poster-worthy shots. Each page is a revelation, and Rodríguez once again show he is a master of the art and composition. What could have been a dull rundown of Marvel’s major milestones becomes a pop cultural pleasure to take in. 

Rodríguez’s composition of each page continues to amaze me. Not that familiar with his work, with this book I’m sold on him as an artist and one with a great sense of design aesthetics. As his own colorist, he brings even more mad skills to his work and each page pops with vibrance and life.

Of course, for many readers this will be a trip down memory lane, while other newer readers will be left astonished at Marvel’s sheer scale of storytelling over the past 80 years. And, no morsel than on recent decades when everything was often thrown at the wall to see what stuck. Even the more hokier storylines are treated with the same respect as the more classic ones, there’s even a great take on the Clone saga. But then, with most major stories and crossover’s limited to a page, any unflavoured plots don’t hang around long enough to get anyone annoyed by their inclusion. After allow e all have history we’d like to forget, but when your Marvel, you better to embrace it all; the good, the bad, and the Clone saga.

History of the Marvel Universes #4 is available now from Marvel.

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