J’onn’s Actions May Isolate Him From The Others In A Preview Of Next Week’s Supergirl

by Erik Amaya

While Supergirl‘s Leviathan plotline is on a slow simmer — though it would seem William Day (Staz Nair) is a member — the plot revolving around J’onn (David Harewood) and his brother Malefic (various actors) is the one we want to follow throughout the first half of the season. As we now know, Malefic aided the White Martians during the pogrom against the Green Martians 300 years ago, but the exact details behind those events were clouded in J’onn’s mind. As it turns out, J’onn wiped his own memory of Malefic — and by extension the hive memory of the Green Martians — committing one of the greatest sins in his society. And as this preview for next week’s episode suggests, it may be enough of a sin on Earth for Alex (Chyler Leigh) and other members of J’onn’s Earth family to ostracize him.

Considering Malefic was released from the Phantom Zone by The Monitor (LaMonica Garrett), we assume J’onn has a role to play in the coming Crisis, but this intense test of character may be going beyond anything the multidimensional entity intended. And when you give this sort of material to an actor of Harewood’s ability, you get some gut-wrenching scenes. The J’onn we’ve come to love across the previous season will tear himself apart to atone for this. And, all the while, Malefic will work hard to get him isolated from the group. Hopefully, it will lead to one big emotional release just before Crisis, even if Malefic’s mind control power seems to be playing into the season’s meta plot.
Also, we’d love for J’onn to get a story where he ends up happy for a change.
Supergirl airs Sundays on The CW.

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