The World Is Not Lollipops And Rainbows In A Preview of Upcoming Watchmen Episodes

by Erik Amaya

Watchmen is here. And, as it turns out, the concept’s best destiny was always television even as television chose not to adapt Watchmen itself. Nonetheless, the iconography of the original comic book series lends itself well to executive producer Damon Lindelof’s treatise on race relations in the United States. Also, the 2019 of the Watchmen world is compelling to look at and star Regina King is immensely watchable. But as the the show is another one of Lindelof’s riddles, we’ll refrain from examining the series too closely until a few more episodes become available. Just take a look at this “In the Week Ahead” trailer HBO posted to get an idea of just how heady, odd, and mysterious Watchmen‘s TV form will continue to be.

Of course, one thing we will speculate on is the plot Adrian Veidt “The Lord of a Country Estate” (Jeremy Irons) is cooking up somewhere far from Tulsa. His play, “The Watchmaker’s Son” would seemingly indicate a sequel to Veidt’s squid attack. That event quelled cold war tensions, so is it possible his new scheme will deal with racial tensions directly? Is The Lord of a Country Estate smart enough to tackle one of the oldest conflicts humanity has ever known?

Watchmen airs Sundays on HBO.

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