Preview Operation Overlord – The Complete Collection Of The D-Day Series

by Richard Bruton

Originally released as four individual volumes for the first time in English by Rebellion, this acclaimed retelling of the Normandy offensive is collected here in one book, telling the tales of the biggest military action of WWII.

Operation Overlord, this international best-selling graphic novel series by writers Michael Le Galli and Bruna Falba and artist Davide Fabbri tells four tales of the Normandy invasion, where 160,000 men take the first steps in liberating occupied Europe. By parachute and landing craft, these men land in Normandy across five beaches and Operation Overlord begins.
It’s June 6th 1944 and the beaches will run red before the day is out.

But this is no dry retelling of history. Instead Operation Overlord does a magnificent job of giving us all the detail, all the history, but also takes us down amongst the action, with the men involved, following their experiences as they experience all the horrors of the war.

Whether it’s five young G.I.s parachuting in with the mission to capture and secure the city of Sainte-Mère-Église, the experiences of a young war photographer, an American naturalised German, a group of young German soldiers, or the Kieffer Commandos, the only group of French troops involved, it’s all told with pace, great skill, and that beautifully clear art is perfect for the subject.
Artistically, it’s Davide Fabbri throughout, with Christian Dalla Vecchia joining him on the Omaha Beach chapter. Whether alone or with Vecchia, Fabbri’s art shifts slightly all the way through, but stays clean and ever so readable throughout, with some great colouring from Neziti.

Over the four tales, this never goes into jingoistic mode, there’s no shying away from the horrors that soldiers and civilians, on both sides, were subjected to. And it engages you with the seamless interweaving of the historical action, the detailed planning and background, and the complex human stories of the men and women involved.
Operation Overlord – The Collected Volume is published by Rebellion on 14 November. Written by Michael Le Galli and Bruno Falba, art by Davide Fabbri and Christian Dalla Vecchia, colours by Domenico Neziti.
Below, pages from the Omaha beach chapter of Operation Overlord, art here by Davide Fabbri and Christian Dalla Vecchia.

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