Crime And Consequence: Over My Dead Body TPB Out In January From Image Comics

by Olly MacNamee

Set in the fictional universe of the Near Death comic book series, Over My Dead Body is the newest chapter in the redemption of Near Death’s central character Markham from creatives Jay Faeber, Simon Gugliemini, Gigi Baldassini and Ron Riley.  This all-new trade paperback is out on Wednesday, January 15, 2020 from Image Comics.

In Over My Dead Body, a prison warden’s daughter has fallen in with a separatist militia, and the warden’s only chance to rescue her is his most dangerous inmate: the notorious contract killer, Markham. Markham claims that a near-death experience convinced him to atone for his past sins, and to start saving lives instead of taking them. This may be Markham’s one last shot at redemption. But is he ready to die for that shot? Over My Dead Body is a fast-paced, pulpy thriller perfect for fans of Jack Reacher and John Wick.

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