New Jackal Hustler: Take A Look At Ghost-Spider #3 By McGuire, Miyazawa, And Marvel

by Olly MacNamee

I’m thoroughly enjoying Marvel’s current embracing of parallel dimensions in their comic books. More a trope often associated with DC Comics, while multi-dimensional Earths are not uncommon at Marvel, they’re often shunned in favour of alternative timelines and such instead. Almost as if there’s an unwritten agreement between the two, But, we know there isn’t and so we get a firm fan favourite, Gwen Stacey, back in Marvel comics with Ghost-Spider and the third issue, out this week from writer Seanan McGuire and artist Takeshi Miyazawa. Oh, and don’t forget Gwenpool, as well. After all, Marvel do like to squeeze every last drop out of an idea, don’t they?
Still, this week’s issue sees the dimension-hopping hero being recognised by a 616 resident and one with she shares a history with. Step forward Professor Miles Warren, better known as The Jackal! Whoops.

Gwen Stacy of Earth-65 has decided to enroll in class at Empire State University in the Marvel Universe! Now, she’ll be taking classes down the hall from Peter Parker, your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man!
But things aren’t as safe as they may seem. Peter’s not the only person in the Marvel Universe who may recognize Gwen Stacy, and not all of them share his noble intentions…

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