Spidey Gets Around – Preview The Amazing Spider-Man: Full Circle

by Olly MacNamee

As more of a DC Comics fan, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with Marvel, what with the amount of titles they print each month, plus the amount of relaunches, that sometimes a few gems get lost in the gold rush. However, my eye did spot this interesting one-shot, out this week from the House of Mouse, and by a comic-con’s worth of creators too.

The Amazing Spider-Man: Full Circle is the one-shot equivalent to DC Comics Kamandi maxi-series of last year, in which creative teams do their best to put Spidey into a jam, the next team is tagged to try and get him out of. Before they throw him back into hot water too. Sounds like fun? It does to me, especially with writers such as Al Ewing, Nick Spencer and Chip Zdarsky who always put the ‘fun’ into ‘funny books’. So, I’ll be diving in when I get to my local comic book store later this week. But for now, make do with our preview below, featuring the art of Chris Bachalo.

A summons from SHIELD leads Peter Parker into a globe-spanning adventure that will test him as never before, one in which the future of all mankind lies in his gloved, webbed hands! Who is the mysterious prisoner in the steel box who keeps propelling the wall-crawler onward? Nick Spencer and an all-star team of Marvel’s biggest writers and artists take up the challenge to create the wildest, maddest, most unconventional Amazing Spider-Man story of all! Guest-starring Nick Fury, Wolverine and Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham!

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