Legend Of Heroes: Trails Of Cold Steel III Launch Trailer

by Sage Ashford

NIS America has released the launch trailer for Falcom’s recently released Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III.  The latest in the Erebonian Saga for the Legend of Heroes epic, Cold Steel so far has followed Class VII of the Thors Military Academy on their adventures while the world undergoes a massive social change around them.  More on the game from NIS America themselves below:

The legend of Class VII begins anew in Trails of Cold Steel III! Rean Schwarzer, a hero of war, has become an instructor at the newly-opened Thors Branch Campus, and must prepare the fresh recruits of Class VII for an unknown future. Will he be able to step up and become the guiding light for a new generation of heroes?

Following hot on the heels of the ports for Trails of Cold Steel I and II, NIS America has recognized that many people may not have played the preceding games.  As a result, they’ve included an interactive introduction film that will help people understand the world of Trails of Cold Steel as it is when they begin the third game.
Once again, at a time where the major big budget RPG developers are sitting out, the smaller companies are stepping up and delivering more than enough quality content for any RPG fan.
Trails of Cold Steel III is available now for PlayStation 4.

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