Art For Art’s Sake # 23 – The Inktober Special

by Richard Bruton

Art For Art’s Sake… our once a week spin around the world of stunning comic art – it’s a crappy world, everything’s going down the pan, the climate’s screwed, we’re ruled over by incompetents, but we can all just settle back for a few minutes, relax with a coffee, and just enjoy the art… this week – the joy that is Inktober…

Oh yes, Inktober, where so many talented artist types get to impress us with what they laughingly refer to as sketches…
Bruce McCorkindale – Arthouse Muppets for the month…

Becky Cloonan

Rachael Smith

Alex Chiu – Highs and Lows

Conor Nolan – Trapped In Ice

Sammy Boras – Miles Morales…

Dan Berry – Tuesday! Another What We Do In The Shadows drawing in an attempt to get myself hired to draw an official WWDITS comic book.

Chris Samnee

Rikin Parekh

Ibis – A little bit of lil BTS

Kasia Wo – a lil bit of poochers…

Rosie Chomet – Fox

Phil Elliot

EEEK Weaver – a little Elton…

Cat – oh, I love a little urban landscape stuff…

Warwick Johnson-Cadwell – Professor J T Meinhardt. From Mr Higgins Comes Home and next month “Our Encounters With Evil”

Zachariah Howard

Dan Hipp

Anya / Mirty

Ian McQue

Patrick Goddard

Nel – Enchanted

Steven Austin

Rob Wells – Giant Man


Rob Husberg


Lyndon Webb

David Kirkham

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