Laurie Blake Makes Her Way To Tulsa On The Next Watchmen

by Erik Amaya

As secrets continue to come tumbling out of closets, Angela Abar’s (Regina King) problems are only going to increase. And as this preview of next week’s Watchmen indicates, FBI Agent Laurie Blake (Jean Smart) will make her investigation into Judd’s (Don Johnson) death all the more difficult. Oh, but what of the Lord of a Country Estate (Jeremy Irons)? Is he trying to recreate Dr. Manhattan beyond fictionalizing him in his overwrought play “The Watchmaker’s Son?”

We’ll be honest, we’re totally invested in Angela’s story. So much so, in fact, that we really don’t know the cutaways to the country estate and Adrian Veidt’s fascination with Dr. Manhattan’s last words to him. Instead, we love the fact she’s related to Will Reeves (Louis Gossett Jr.) and facing the reality that Judd — her surrogate father figure — has some sort of Klan past to hide in his bedroom. We also love that Will has friends in literal high places Angela will no doubt need to reach at some point.

But let’s consider what Judd’s Klan robe means. Is it a shameful family past he reminded himself about all his life to stay on a different path or was he part of the Seventh Kavalry all along? We hope its the former as that nuance is more interesting. How long was his family part of the Klan before he walked away from racist belief? That question is certainly worthy of a flashback.

Back in the present, though, we can’t wait to see how long it takes for Angela to realize Laurie is a former Minuteman or for the apparent Nite Owl III glimpsed in the preview to make his presence known. Is he Will’s well-placed friend?

So far, we like the questions Watchmen presents and the quality of that presentation. Hopefully, it will stick the landing on at least one or two of the answers.

Watchmen airs Sundays on HBO.

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