Arise Sir Galahad: First Look At Once And Future #4 By Gillen, Mora And Bonvillain

by Olly MacNamee

Boom! Studios have released an unlettered preview of Kieron Gillen, Dan Mora and Tamara Bonvillain’s Once and Future #4, out November 20th. And, as we’re such fans of this book, we’re more than happy to share this first look at the next issue that sees the once and future king of Britain, Arthur, arise, only to be found to have some rather out-of-date attitudes. The prefect symbol for the far-right fanatics wanting to make Britain great again, in the same way your President envisions America under his rule. It’s been great series so far, and with it now being an ongoing, it’s never too late to jump onboard. Especailly with that sweet Mora art! H’s becoming quite teamster of the fantasy genre.

Gran’s monster hunting wasn’t the only thing she kept from Duncan. He’s about to discover more of the family secrets, and the sacrifices one must make to reach the Holy Grail.

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