Game Of Thrones’ Long Night Prequel Reportedly Dead At HBO

by Erik Amaya

Macall B. Polay/HBO

The Westerosi dominoes continues to fall.

Deadline reports the Game of Thrones prequel series from Kingsman‘s Jane Goldman and author George R.R. Martin will not go to series. The pilot, starring Naomi Watts, reportedly suffered from a long production and tough post-production phase. These troubles mirror the original Games of Thrones pilot — which was substantially reshot and saw several parts recast — but in lieu of pressing on, HBO has decided to focus on the other GoT prequel pilot it put into development.

That pilot, from Ryan Condal and Martin, focuses on the Targaryens’ final days in Essos and their invasion of Westeros some 300 years prior to Game of Thrones.

The end of Goldman’s project, though, continues a trend of lost luster for Game of Thrones as a brand. That show’s executive producers, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, walked away from their Star Wars deal on Monday, citing the need to focus on their nine-figure deal with Netlfix. The pair also appeared at a Q&A over the weekend which highlighted their own lack of preparedness when facing their Game of Thrones pilot.

Of course, all of the discontent stems from the series divisive ending and the perception that Benioff and Weiss strangled the series to death so they could get on with their Star Wars and Netflix projects.

The Goldman project, which Martin referred to as “The Long Night” would’ve told viewers of the first time the White Walkers threatened Westeros. The idea seemed sound, particularly as it would’ve offered answers about the White Walkers Game of Thrones chose not to provide. But it seems the questions will remain mysteries. Unless, of course, Martin incorporates those ideas into his long-promised finale to the Song of Ice and Fire novel series.

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