The Dark Judges: Fall Of Deadworld Book II – It’ssssss The End Of Deadworld As We Know It

by Richard Bruton

Truly, this is The Fall of Deadworld, the tale of how The Dark Judges came to decimate their world, a story where we absolutely know where it’s all going to end. But, as with most stories, it’s the getting there that’s the most enjoyable thing.

They are the four horsemen of the horror apocalypse – The four Dark Judges who believe that life itself is a crime, and that they are the law.
We first met them when they travelled through the dimensions from their Dead World to Judge Dredd’s MC1. Since then, they’ve been a continual thorn in the side of our world, but have always been thwarted by Dredd, Anderson and others in the Justice Department.
In The Fall Of Deadworld, we’re travelled back in time and across the dimensions, to the time when the Dark Judge’s world was not yet the Necropolis it would become.

Here in Book II, young Jess Childs rallies a team of survivors, all in aid of rescuing the one man she believes can make a difference, Judge Fairfax, from the dead horrors of Sector House 13.
Inside, Judge Death’s reign as Chief Judge is not going as well as he would have hoped, with Phobia and Nausea having toruble with their loyalties, Sister Psiren having an identity crisis, and her new apprentice Casey having ambition far beyond what she expected.

As I say, the fun of The Fall of Deadworld is in watching the struggle play out in a story we know the ultimate end to. Deadworld will fall, for certain, but how it falls… therein lies the tale. And a rather fun tale it is as well.
Of course, a lot of the enjoyment here is down to Dave Kendall‘s artwork. I’ve often said I had my fill of this sort of painted artwork way back when. However, Kendall’s art isn’t just really good, it’s also absolutely perfect for the sort of tale being told here… capturing all the death and decay in beautiful detail.
And you get to see all that here and now, with the Comicon preview of the ongoing Fall Of Deadworld…
The Fall Of Deadworld: Book II – written by Kek-W, art by Dave Kendall, letters by Annie PArkhouse and Ellie De Ville. Published by Rebellion/2000 AD on 28 November.
(Contains material from 2000 AD Progs 2050, 2061, 2081-2092, 2111)


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