Vacation With Monsters In Next Ben 10 Graphic Novel

by James Ferguson

Boom! Studios is keeping the Ben 10 train moving. The publisher has announced Ben 10: The Creature from Serenity Shore, the next middle grade original graphic novel based on the Cartoon Network series coming in July 2020 from writer CB Lee and artist Mattia di Meo.

Writer CB Lee says:

Ben, Gwen and Grandpa Max head to Serenity Shore looking forward to sand, surf and the promised serenity–but what they find is a mysterious tentacled creature prowling in the deep and secrets to uncover from the mysterious lab overlooking the cliffs. The Creature from Serenity Shore is all about working with your fears and doing your best in the face of challenges, and I had such a blast working on this summer adventure!

Ben 10: The Creature from Serenity Shore follows Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max as they head to a beautiful seaside resort for some much needed rest and relaxation. When a terrifying monster ruins everyone’s good time, they’ll need to use all their abilities to take it down. It helps that Ben Tennyson is the wielder of the Omnitrix, an alien device that allows him to change into 10 different alien forms from around the galaxy. He’ll need this device in order to defeat the Sharktopus.
Artist Mattia di Meo added:

This is my second time on a Ben 10 adventure, and I’m so glad of it! Drawing monsters and aliens is never boring and I really love the Tennyson family! In this story we have the sea, summer, friends, tentacles, fangs and aliens, of course. It was amazing to draw! And working again with the team made up of C. B. Lee as writer and Eleonora Bruni as colorist was the icing on the cake.

Ben 10: The Creature from Serenity Shore joins The Truth is Out There and For Science!, currently available at your local comic shop, book store, and Amazon.
Matthew Levine, Editor, Boom! Studios says:

Sunny skies, hot sand, and . . . a rampaging sea creature make for a typical beach day with Ben and his monster-fighting family. So of course we’re excited to have writer CB Lee and artist Mattia di Meo back for a seaside adventure that’s got Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max facing a tsunami of trouble just in time for summer vacation!

Ben 10: The Creature from Serenity Shore is set for release in July 2020.

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