Dual Origins Revealed In Dial H For Hero #8!

by Tony Thornley

One of the most charming tropes of Dial H For Hero has been the brief secret origins of the various heroes we’ve seen pop up thanks to the H-Dial. So it’s only natural that the series’ two biggest supporting characters- The Operator and Mister Thunderbolt- get their own secret origins and that’s exactly what Dial H for Heroes #8 does!

Cover by Evan “Doc” Shaner

Sam Humphries, Paulina Ganucheau, Joe Quinones, Jordan Gibson, and Dave Sharpe reveal the dual secret origins!

In parallel stories, we learn the origins of the two characters, and realize they’re even more connected than we realized. When Robby Reed began his exploration of the H-Dial and its origins, he quickly discovered the Heroverse. Eventually he recruits Mister Thunderbolt to help him explore the realm, but the two soon begin to disagree and Mister Thunderbolt comes up with a potentially horrifying plan- using the four existing H-Dials to empower the entire Multiverse!

Humphries takes an interesting approach here that actually pays off. He alternates between telling the Operator’s origin for a page, then Mister Thunderbolt’s- however the latter is being told backwards. After several pages the reader realizes this is because the two origins are completely entwined, impossible separate. It starts confusing, but after the reader gets into it, I really don’t know of any other way it could have been done.  It was a massive gamble, but it worked.

Quinones and Ganucheau alternate pages, with Quinones doing the Robby Reed/Operator pages and Ganucheau drawing the Mister Thunderbolt pages. Ganucheau goes full bombastic for her pages, leaning into the over-the-top nature of the character as Humphries has written him, and embracing the weird surrounding the story. Quinones shifts his style slightly to match Ganucheau a bit more (to the point that I had to read the issue a couple times to figure out what pages he did). It’s small but it adds so much to the story, as does Gibson and Quinones’s work on the increasingly psychedelic colors.

The Multiverse is in extreme danger, and I can’t wait to see how Miguel, Summer and the Operator save the day.

Dial H For Hero #8 is available now from DC Comics.

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