Ken Reid’s World-Wide Weirdies – Classic Crazy From A Brit Comics Legend

by Richard Bruton

All across the world, there’s weirdness happening, and comics’ genius Ken Reid took it upon himself to document it all – gloriously deranged – the world of Weirdies awaits you in this new collection.

Across 102 full-page illustrations, Ken Reid documents the entire world of weirdness, whether that’s The Eeire Earth, The Moanin’ Lisa, The Coloscream, The Loch Mess Monster, The Californian Deadwood Tree, The Nasty North Pole, or The Statue of Stupidity, you’ll find weirdness from every corner of the world.
These were pieces done from reader’s suggestions, usually found on the back pages of Whoopee! and Shiver and Shake, full of incredible art and great plays on words

(Green-Witch Mean Time)

This is an absolute must for all of us who remember the genius of Ken Reid, a master of madness, a wizard of weirdness, still one of the most inventive illustrators to grace the pages of British comics.
This new collection comes out from the Treasury of British Comics on 28 November, just in time for Christmas presents! And the team at the Treasury have done their usual excellent job of restoring the pages to create something absolutely fitting for the genius of Ken Reid.

(The Not-So N-Iceberg)

Below, for a treat, we have just a few of the wonderful world-wide weirdies to be found inside this fabulously funny collection.
Ken Reid’s World-Wide Weirdies – Vol 1 – By Ken Reid, published by The Treasury of British Comics on 28 November, (featuring material published 12 October 1974 – 6 November 1976)

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