Otherworld Under Threat: Preview Excalibur #1 From Howard And To

by Olly MacNamee

Another week, another new X-Men comic. And it’s Excalibur’s time to shine, with a very different Captain Britain to the one I grew up with. Step forward Betsy Braddock shearing the mantle and taking charge of this all-new Excalibur group. Written by Tini Howard with art by Marcus To. With the action taking place on the Otherworld, this seems to be more in keeping with the magical vibe of the original much-loved series. Check out the preview below.

The Otherworld is rocked by war! It is a new era for mutantkind ew Captain Britain holds the amulet, fighting for the Kingdom of Avalon with her Excalibur at her side – Rogue, Gambit, Rictor, Jubilee…and Apocalypse.

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