The Abbey Road Of Tardigrades: Star Pig #4 Reviewed

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]

Vess awakens to see her long-lost dog waiting for her, but he suddenly sprouts tentacles and Vess gleans that it might not really be her dog. She manages to distract it with a dog toy full of peanut butter. Outside her room, Theo is being held down by Echozar, who is revealed to be a squid creature who intends to experiment on Theo and discern the secret of tardigrade durability and longevity. Vess escapes her room and discovers what’s going on, but Echozar quickly restrains her. Is this the end for Vess and Theo?

Star Pig #4 cover by Sara Richard
Star Pig #4 cover by Sara Richard

Star Pig #4 closes out the first run of this new series by Delilah S. Dawson, Francesco Gaston, Sebastian Cheng, and Shawn Lee. Despite how cute, funny, and charming the comic is, this ending is still highs takes and tense at times.

True to Star Pig form, there are plenty of pop culture references and using them in place of expletives. Echozar has a long and villainous speech that could have been tiring but actually turns quite enjoyable. 

How Vess escapes is a little contrived but is still a pretty good joke on the Star Trek replicator.

Both Vess and Theo remain extremely likable and charming characters, and I hope the cliffhanger at the end leads to another volume of Star Pig.

Gaston’s artwork once again proves appealing, stylish, and well-suited to the kind of story that is Star Pig. Echozar is actually made to look quite unnerving while Theo is perhaps the cutest tardigrade you’ve ever seen (he probably is). Cheng’s color art is bright and pops off the page well, keeping the visuals lively throughout.

Star Pig #4 is an entertaining and endearing ending to this IDW miniseries. References, jokes, and heart abound in this final issue, and here’s hoping that Dawson, Gaston, Cheng, and Lee get to make another one. In any case, this issue gets a recommendation. Check it out.

Star Pig #4 comes to us from writer Delilah S. Dawson, artist Francesco Gaston, color artist Sebastian Cheng, letterer Shawn Lee, cover artist Sara Richard, and variant cover artist Francesco Gaston with Sebastian Cheng.

Final Score: 8/10

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