Conan Ventures Deeper Into The Marvel Universe In Battle For The Serpent Crown

by James Ferguson

Conan is becoming the new Wolverine with the amount of comics he’s in. Marvel Comics has announced another new title, Conan: Battle for the Serpent Crown, debuting in February 2020. This new five-issue mini-series takes the Barbarian to places he’s never gone before. Does that mean space? Maybe. Conan: Battle for the Serpent Crown is written by Saladin Ahmed and illustrated by Luke Ross.

Writer Saladin Ahmed says:

Getting to write Conan the Barbarian taking on the Marvel Universe is a high-octane, widescreen dream gig for me. The 616 is a world full of unimaginably powerful treasures and absurdly wealthy kings — the perfect place for Conan to ply his trade as a warrior-thief. From Las Vegas to Atlantis, Conan will carve a path of plunder — and face some of the mightiest heroes and villains in the Marvel universe!

This new book has the Robert E. Howard character venturing deeper into the Marvel Universe meeting a wide variety of heroes and facing off against a number of villains, including Mephisto. His journey takes him to Las Vegas in search of the Serpent Crown of Atlantis.
Editor Mark Basso added:

Since being transported into the Marvel Universe in Avengers: No Road Home and Savage Avengers, Conan’s been drawn into his own adventures as he explores this strange new world, and now we’re going to get a look at one particular quest. Far from home, but far from helpless, this is Conan as you’ve never quite seen him before.

Conan: Battle for the Serpent Crown #1 features a cover by Guru-eFX. Look for it at your local comic shop in February 2020.

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