The Avant-Guards Concludes In OGN Next Year

by James Ferguson

The Avant-Guards, the quirky group of misfit art students who band together to form their school’s first ever basketball team will continue and conclude their adventure in an original graphic novel. Boom! Studios has announced the series will wrap up in an OGN in September 2020, picking up after issue #8. It’s written by Carly Usdin and illustrated by Noah Hayes, the same creative team for the single issues.

Writer Carly Usdin says:

I’m so excited that Noah and I get to finish telling the story of our beloved Avant-Guards. The stakes couldn’t be higher — they’re fighting for the championship AND the future of the league. The final installment will include teamwork, romance, lots of surprises and a dunk or two!

I’ve loved The Avant-Guards. It’s been a really fun, heartfelt comic so if it can’t finish in single issues, I’m glad that the story is seeing a conclusion, although we’ll have to wait quite a bit to see it. This is a great move too as it will probably excel in the graphic novel format and market.
Artist Noah Hayes added:

My favorite thing about the Avant-Guards is how unique all of them are- they each have their own special set of quirks and interests that materialized so quickly for me. I, of all people, should be aware that they’re merely drawings, but part of me feels like Jay or Nicole (or any of them!) could totally be real friends that I have.

The Avant-Guards OGN will feature a cover by series artist Noah Hayes. It will be published under Boom! Studios’ Boom! Box imprint and it’s a perfect fit for this brand.
Shannon Watters, Senior Editor, Boom! Studios says:

It’s been an absolute joy working with the dream team of writer Carly Usdin and artist Noah Hayes, so we can’t wait to tell the rest of the Avant-Guards story in graphic novel form. Fans will get plenty of drama, romance, and competition as this team of misfit students continue to pursue love and basketball at their historic women’s art college.

Look for The Avant-Guards OGN in September 2020.

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