East of West Comes To An End With Issue #45 From Hickman And Dragotta

by Tito W. James

East of West takes place in an alternate history where the United States is divided into several factions and the Horsemen of the Apocalypse are reborn as cowboys. The comic has been an entertaining odyssey since it first hit stores in 2013. Six years later Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta’s Sci-Fi kung-fu western reaches its apocalyptic conclusion.

The creators had this to say about ending East of West.

In this business, it isn’t often that you get to end a project exactly the way you want to, and I think that’s what makes this one so special. We started East of West with a story we wanted to tell and we’ve had the incredible honor of having a bunch of fans make that story a reality. So, enjoy it. God knows we have.

Jonathan Hickman

It all goes down in East of West #45, an extra-length, action-packed issue that has been one of my favorites to draw. Creatively with Jonathan, Frank, and Rus, East of West has been an incredible ride, and none of it would have been possible without you—the readers—and Image Comics. We did it, 45 issues… thank you and enjoy the end times.

Nick Dragotta

East of West had a TV series in development from Amazon Prime, but that project got pulled this past year. It’s a shame because East of West’s long-form story, charismatic characters, and cliff-hanger endings would have translated perfectly to TV. I suspect that the scope of the world would have been expensive to render in live-action, but there’s always a possibility of an anime adaptation.

East of West’s epic over-sized conclusion will hit comic book stores this December.

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