Lady Trieu Makes Her Debut On The Next Watchmen

by Erik Amaya

Now that Agent Laurie Blake (Jean Smart) has made her debut, it is time for Lady Trieu (Hong Chau) to enter the scene. From this week’s show, we know she bought Adrian Veidt’s company and presumably holds onto many of those world-changing patents he claimed to offer. But is she looking to become an Ozymandias of her own? This preview of next week’s Watchmen may not give us the answer, but it does reveal her interest in bloodlines. Meanwhile, Angela (Regina King) wants to hide any connection between Crawford and Klan. We doubt she’ll be successful as secrets do not stay buried in the Watchmen world.

Hopefully, Laurie will continue to be a bigger part of this story as Smart knocked it out the ballpark this week. Also, the ideas surrounding her character — like the penchant for jokes and her hatred of would-be heroes — just feels so spot on for a Laurie living in 2019. The resentment of Dr. Manhattan, the pain at having lived through Veidt’s failed future, and, it seems, a longing both for Jon Osterman and Dan Dreiberg makes for a fascinating character who may actual be Angela’s match.
Also, it’s nice to finally know that the Lord of a Country Estate (Jeremy Irons) is, in fact, Adrian Veidt. In fact, seeing Irons in the Ozymandias costume was something of a shock even if his identity was never really in doubt. We decided to play with the show’s silly attempt to obscure his identity and even gave the possibility he might be Jon serious consideration. But all things considered, we expect the Game Warden is Dr. Manhattan and Mars is the location of Veidt’s confinement. But it leaves us asking, what game are the two playing? Prior to this week’s episode, we believed Veidt was trying to create another Dr. Manhattan (like the Russians are trying to do). Now, it seems he is just trying to get out of whatever puzzle Jon laid out for him. It is something two old, bored friends might do, one supposes.
Watchmen airs Sundays on HBO.

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