Return Of The Old School: Preview New Mutants #1 From Hickman, Bisson And Reis

by Olly MacNamee

New Mutants #1 makes it’s comeback this week, promising the reteaming of the ‘classic’ Claremont/Sienkiewicz team so loved by many older fans. And, with artwork not too dissimilar to Sienkiewicz’s own, I’m sure it’ll be a big pull for those long-time fans was well as newer readers coming onboard for this impressive relaunch of the X-Men franchise at Marvel. Excelsior indeed. Check out the preview ahead of this week’s release. Written by Jonathan Hickman and Ed Bisson with art by Rob Reis.

The classic New Mutants (Sunspot, Wolfsbane, Mirage, Karma, Magik, and Cypher) get together with a few new friends (Chamber, Mondo) to seek out their missing member and share the good news… a mission that takes them into space alongside the Starjammers!

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