Freaky Friday: Preview Spider-Man & Venom: Double Trouble #1 From Tamaki And Gurihiru

by Olly MacNamee

Spider-Man and Venom team up, or rather they do a Freaky Friday when they discover they’ve swapped bodies. A fun-filled premise with artwork to match, all put together by writer Mariko Tamaki and artist Gurihiru. Spider-Man & Venom: Double Trouble #1 (of 5) debuts this week from Marvel and we have your preview of the issue right her, right now.

You’ve seen ‘em duke it out in the Marvel Universe for years, but prepare to see Spidey and Venom as you never have before: as begrudging… buddies? It’s fun of the freaky variety this time around, as an unexpected mind-swap sets Spidey and Venom in each other’s bodies! But WHO swapped them, and why?! From Mariko Tamaki and Gurihiru comes an all-new take on your favorite arch-Frienemies in the MU – and now they’ve gotta work together to set things right!

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