Rise Of The Kung Fu Dragon Master Hits Kickstarter From Starburns Industries Press

by James Ferguson

Starburns Industries Press has returned to Kickstarter to fund the release of Rise of the Kung Fu Dragon Master, a 160-page comedy / action / fantasy graphic novel from writer Chris Mancini and artist Fernando Pinto. This is the second project the publisher is releasing from the duo, following this year’s digital graphic novel, Long Ago and Far Away.

Writer Chris Mancini says:

I love mixing genres, and I thought about how cool it would be to mix martial arts, fantasy and comedy in a modern way that also explores contemporary attitudes towards masculinity, violence, and our personal relationships. I wanted to tell a big, fun story, where you’re laughing one minute, thrilled by the action the next, and then surprised by a thoughtful character moment.

Rise of the Kung Fu Dragon Master follows Rick, a small-time crook in Los Angeles who becomes an unlikely hero in a mystical battle between good and evil that’s been going on for centuries. Influenced by the likes of Big Trouble in Little China, Shang-Chi, and Army of Darkness, the comic explores toxic masculinity and the self-destruction it can bring. By turning away from anger and violence, one can ultimately find peace.
The Kickstarter campaign is running through December 10th, 2019. Rewards include digital copies of everything from the Starburns Industries Press library, a tour of the Starburns offices, custom art, and more.

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