80’s Star Wars Arcade Games All In One Cabinet From Arcade1Up

by Gary Catig

The Sequel Trilogy will conclude next month when Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker hits the big screen. There is still time until the film’s release so why not reminisce about the original trilogy that started it all.
Arcade1Up can help with that as they have recently developed the Star Wars Home Arcade Game. The cabinet will stand 5’ tall (4’ without the included riser) and have a light up marquee, full color 17” screen and dual speakers. It will also feature the original versions of the Star Wars: A New Hope, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi arcade games.

Get behind the controls of some the most iconic vehicles from the franchise. Pilot an X-Wing to destroy the Death Star, battle AT-AT’s in a snowspeeder and evade Imperial troops using a speeder bike on Endor. This cabinet is a must for those who loved the games in the 80’s.
You can purchase your own Star Wars At-Home Arcade Game at Walmart, GameStop or other major retailers online or in stores.

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