BioWare Teases Dragon Age 4 In A Strangely-Phrased Tweet

by Sage Ashford

Legendary developer BioWare has had a pretty rough go of it this generation. Dragon Age: Inquisition suffered some pretty heavy post-launch backlash, and despite receiving Game of the Year in from some sites and organizations, people were frustrated with the feeling of its MMO-esque quests.  Though the game still has many fans, it’s not held in the same high esteem as the original title, Dragon Age: Origins.
Then to make matters worse, in 2017 they launched the bug-ridden Mass Effect: Andromeda right around the release of both The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Horizon: Zero Dawn.  After seeing those two masterpieces, people were frustrated with a Mass Effect that seemed to get everything wrong.
Finally this year, they launched Anthem … a game which barely worked, was almost devoid of anything to do, and seemed to have far more interesting postmortem articles than post-launch content.  Though many were concerned about what was going to happen next, it seems BioWare is eager to tell us exactly what’s coming, in a recent post from their main Twitter account:

Now what’s interesting about this tweet is that Dragon Age 4 has long been confirmed, but we know that as recently as early last year the game restarted development for reasons that have only been speculated on.  What we also know is that EA themselves have claimed the game will not be released until after April 2022.  If that’s the case, the game is probably due out around Q3 or Q4 2022, meaning the title is roughly three years away.  Of course, the game was also teased around December of last year at The Game Awards, but that felt more like offering hope to a community that was certain the company was going down the drain. What purpose could another reveal have now? What could they even have to show?
Whatever it is, we’ll find out December 4th…

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