Good Dog But A Bad Boy- Locke and Key: Dog Days #1 Review

by Josh Davison

Mild Spoilers Ahead
We travel back in time to a trio of young boys enjoying their youth in Lovecraft. Two of them seem fairly normal, but the third boy, Lloyd, is peculiar. He eats raw fish off the line, drinks from the toilet, and enjoys eating his own vomit. The other two boys discuss what their future is going to be like, but Lloyd only thinks of waiting at home for the other two boys to get back. 
In the backup story, we see an eponymous lock and key.
Also, we get a preview of Joe Hill and Martin Simmonds new series, S***-Talk Homes.

Locke and Key: Dog Days #1 cover by Gabriel Rodriguez
Locke and Key: Dog Days #1 cover by Gabriel Rodriguez

Locke and Key: Dog Days #1, a one-shot from Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodriguez, Jay Fotos, and Shawn Lee is a quirky, funny, and fairly endearing comic set in the world of Hill and Rodriguez’s Locke and Key.
There’s not a lot of story to this one. If you’ve already guessed the reveal for the first story, you don’t really get any points for that one. The second tale pretty much entirely consists of the turning of the lock and key.
S***-Talk Homes seems like it might be a good bit of fun, though you don’t get the full story given that it’s just a preview. I’ll probably have to check that one out when it hits the shelves though.
Of course, Gabriel Rodriguez’s artwork looks great. He gives a particularly archaic look to the first story that suits it near-perfectly. His work in the second tale looks fantastic as well. Simmonds’ work is fantastic in the preview. The visuals are top-notch throughout, with colors from Jay Fotos and Martin Simmonds keeping the palette lively and appealing.
Locke and Key: Dog Days #1 is a charming and fairly enjoyable one-shot. While I can’t say there was much plot to sustain the Locke and Key section of the book, I can say that it may tide you over until the next volume of the series kicks up. If you’re a fan of this Hill and Rodriguez joint, feel free to pick this one up.
Locke and Key: Dog Days #1 comes to us from writer Joe Hill, artists Gabriel Rodriguez and Martin Simmonds, color artists Jay Fotos and Martin Simmonds, letterer Shawn Lee, and cover artist Gabriel Rodriguez.
Final Score: 6/10

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