First Appearance Of Batwoman Beyond Results In Batman Beyond #37 Second Printing

by Olly MacNamee

It’s not all that often we hear of a DC Comics title that isn’t a #1 getting a second printing, but that’s exactly the case for Batman Beyond #37. A book that introduces a future version of Batwoman, filling in for an amnesia-suffering Terry McGinnis. Hence, the fans’ demand for an issue that outstripped its availability.

Written by Dan Jurgens with art by Sean Chen, Sean Parsons, Chris Sotomayor and Travis Lanham, you can get your hands on the second printing Wednesday, November 27. But, before that, here’s her first appearance, as shared by DC Comics.

In the wake of his fateful showdown with False Face and the Splitt, the Batman of tomorrow has gone missing! With the Caped Crusader AWOL and Neo-Gotham facing the threat of one of the deadliest villains it’s ever known, a new hero is needed! Bruce Wayne will turn to friends both old and new in order to keep his city safe, but that won’t be enough. Fortunately, a new and mysterious protector will arrive on the scene, taking flight to save the city!


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