Mondo Released New Batman: Animated Series Collectible Figure

by Olly MacNamee

Mondo return to Batman: The Animated Series with a new 1/6 scale Batman figure, available to pre-order from their website now.

As ever, it comes with a array of accessories and 30 points of articulation and stands at approximately 12″ in height.
This time round, it comes as a ‘black costume variant’ with an unmasked Bruce Wayne head to boot, along with a black folded cowl and, as you can see, a while lot more and priced at $150.

Batman: The Animated Series 1/6 Scale Figure (Black Variant). Features an alternate black costume deco, as well as an unmasked Bruce Wayne head and black folded cowl. Approx. 12″ in height, Weight: Approx. 3lbs, Material: PVC, ABS. Artists: Ramirez Studios, Jason Wires Productions, Joe Allard, Hector Arce. Expected to Ship in January 2020. Ships Worldwide. $150

If you haven’t yet clicked on the link embedded above, there hers; a second chance by clicking here.

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