Agent Blake Takes The Battle To The Seventh K On The Next Watchmen

by Erik Amaya

Now that Agent Blake (Jean Smart) has control of the Tulsa PD, she plans to take the battle against the Seventh Kavalry to their home turf. Specifically: the church seen in their recent declaration video. But as this preview for next week’s Watchmen indicates, the episode will also give Looking Glass (Tim Blake Nelson) a moment to shine. Will his anxiety about the multiverse — such as it exists in the Watchmen reality — trip him up as the investigation heats up? Also, he is hiding a secret as explosive as Angela’s (Regina King)?

This week’s episode, though, offered us a glimpse into the overall scheme. Lady Trieu (Hong Chau) appears to the be master manipulator in everything happening in Tulsa. Her clock, for one thing, is a sinister time-keeper. For another, the nightmares she seems to be feeding her daughter Bian (Jolie Hoang-Rappaport) seem to be someone’s memories of the US’s occupation of Vietnam — an event Dr. Manhattan took part in. Like Will Reeves (Louis Gossest Jr.), Trieu may be older than she seems and those memories may be her own. Is she plotting some sort of revenge for the annexation of Vietnam by the Nixon Administration? Or is revenge too small-minded an idea for her? She claims to be motivated by Adrian Veidt’s (Jeremy Irons) ideals, so maybe she is interested in a better world. But considering her stated belief in blood legacies, and the on-going conflict with the Seventh K, will she try to engineer a peace by making everyone part of a singular bloodline and legacy?
And for Veidt’s part, it is clear he is in a prison of Dr. Manhattan’s making. But why would Jon wait decades to take him away? One guess: he wanted Adrian to guide his new form of human life, but it seems confinement — no matter how benevolent — has twisted Veidt into more of a Republic serial villain than ever before. Of course, Jon’s omniscience may allow him to see this has a benefit in the long term. We just hope we get to see what this long term vision looks like.
Watchmen airs Sundays on HBO.

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